Karen Ayers – She really Knows the Area, is Thorough, Professional and Caring.

Early last February, we decided that we would move back to New Hampshire, from North Carolina and that we would buy land to build a home.  Scouting the area we saw land for sale in Madbury, called the listing realtor’s office and Karen Ayers answered the phone.  We exchanged many phone calls and emails, so that Karen was able to really understand what we were looking for.  We set up an appointment to look at several properties and flew back to NH.  Karen showed us these properties, providing valuable details to help us narrow things down.  This will be our fourth build and we still learned a lot about purchasing land, thanks to Karen.  We also learned that Karen loves land.   Karen thoroughly inspected each property, climbing everywhere, through snow, to point out boundaries, previous septic plan location etc..  She researched potential concerns to make sure we were fully informed.  Once we found a property we loved, she helped us through the offer process, and recommended experts to help us with evaluating the land to ensure that we could build our home there.  Our plan was to buy land, sell our current home and then rent while we built.  With four dogs, finding a rental would be a challenge.  On the day we closed on the property, Karen even had a possible rental for us!  We are very thankful that Karen was the person to answer the phone that day.  She really knows the area, is thorough, professional and caring.